F to J

Fugue No 6 for 2010 This is a slightly modal fugue four square theme.


Fugue No 8 Piano version This fugue was an attempt to write a fugue that all the main voices come in with the theme in the same key.  I think it works. This is tricky to play. There is also a string quartet version.


Fugue No 9 for Piano This has a long subject.  And is an attempt to be more Baroque/ correct with my fugue development.


Gavotte for a Horse This little Gavotte is a little a tonal, maybe Shostakovich like.


Gavotte This is a fast little dance, written a long time ago.


Happy Piece 2 for Piano Originally written for Percussion and violin, here is the piano version.  To write a piece that is Happy without being boring or childish.


Happy Piece 3 for Piano In this piece and the last, I use a rhythm that I spent some time thinking about.  I call it the happy rhythm.  Try clapping the bass line, it can never be sad.  It is also the harder of the two.


Happy Piece 4 for Piano A totally different piece to the other two, by the by Happy Piece 1 is a marimba piece in Tuned percussion section.  This one is seriously hard to play.  It was written with four parts in mind and has been adapted to a string quartet with changes.


Jakes Minuet and Trio A modern interpretation of the dances written for a fellow composer (Jake) after a comment in a pub.


Jimnopydies This is my version of Gymnopidies by Satie, with suitable comments added throughout the piece.  It should be played with a whimsical air.