Small Pieces 1 to 10

Small Piece 1, is one of the first piece that I wrote, but was revised in 2009

Small piece 1 the music

Small Piece 1 Utube

Small Piece 2 is a little tricky, exploring different chord relationships.

Small Piece 2

Utube performance  Not very good but gives an idea.

Small Piece 3, this piece is a pattern piece.

small piece 3

Utube performance

Small Piece 4, A kind of Sarabande, with a subtitle whimsy.

small piece 4

Utube performance

Small Piece 5, This was an experiment in minimalist writing with a bit of humour.

Small Piece 5

Utube performance

Small Piece 6, Another pattern piece a little reflective.

Small Piece 6

Utube performance

Small Piece 7, A little waltz tune that I return to later.

Small Piece 7

Utube Performance

Small Piece 8, This piece explores C sharp major and the change between two close chords.

Small Piece 8

utube performance

Small piece 9, Joyces choice for piano  The subtitle Joyce’s choice is because my wife liked this one.  A piece in 5/4 with a cheerful outlook.

Small Piece 9 Joyce’s Choice here is a utube performance of the original piece, I have updated this piece as of October 2015 Utube Performance here is the updated version from the computer.


Small Piece 10, An experiment in minimalism.

Small Piece 10

Utube performance