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A Jig in the Ship for brass Quartet, this is a basic arrangement with no dynamics or other markings of the Piano piece.  I would be happy to update this and add marking etc.  As it is it should be a bit of fun to play.     Score    Trumpet    Horn in F   Trombone    Tuba


Christmas song Brass version, here is a Song written for a Primary School Christmas Service, in 2011.  Obviously a Brass version, though originally it was played with brass, strings and winds as well.  It is differentiated for beginners to Grade 2.  Score    Horn in F   Horn in Eflat   Trumpet in Bflat   Trombone  


Duet 1 for Trumpet and Tuba, just a simple duet.  Score


Duet 2 for Trumpet and Horn, still working on the same theme, but different setting. Score


Duet 2 for Trumpet and Tuba, same as above.  Score


Fanfare for William and Kate, just a small celebratory fanfare for four trumpets.  Score


Quiet Piece for Horn Duet, A bit of fun but a bit tricky.  Score   Horn 1    Horn 2