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Composer, Teacher, Performer and Piano Tuner

Welcome, you have reached the site of Jim Tribble, I am a composer, performer and teacher.

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Composer & Pieces

A collection of some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. My style is strongly influenced by the baroque, though all other styles of music also feature.

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Early Musician

I perform and demonstrate with properly researched information and humour a range of periods which include Renaissance, Medieval, Georgian, and Victorian

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Music Through Time

A collection of CDs and Downloads available for purchase

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Asides from working for the Dundee local authority, I am available for private tuition teaching Strings (violin, viola, cello and double bass), Piano and composition

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Piano Tuning

I have been tuning my own Piano’s, Harpsichords, Clavichords, and Virginals for over 26 years. I have also tuned 100’s of pianos

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Welcome to my site, The Written Note
Hi, you have reached the site of Jim Tribble, I am a composer, performer and teacher. If you are interested in the New CD go Here.  If you are interested in the Lute Project go here. There are over 400 pieces in the composition page so if you are after a particular instrument or combination then use the search panel to narrow down the pages.  Otherwise the pages should be fairly self explanatory.  Please let me know how you got on. Happy hunting.

I am constantly updating the site with new compositions (check out the composition page for new Pieces).  All the pieces are lodged with PRS and should have either an mp3 from the computer or a link to a performance on You tube.   For private or limited public use only.  Any commercial users should contact me before hand, please.

Here is a wee piece to wet you appetite, A Jig in the Ship for brass Quartet for tuned percussion.

Here is the latest piece, to be added. bertramka-s-garden This piece was written while sitting in the summer heat in a garden of a house called Betramka in Prague, where Mozart stayed for half a year.  Enjoy

My latest works.....

View my blog for all my news

The other pages should also be fairly self explanitory but if you wish any further details please contact me on

Please revisit soon as I will be adding pieces and information on a regular basis.

Jim Tribble

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