M to P

Medieval Minded Matthews Maggot This was written for my brother Matthew.  I was looking at a lot of medieval music history and it spilled over into this piece.


Melancholy Piece for Allan Piano version written for my good friend Alan Burns.  There is also a string group version.


Minuet experiment 3 The third in a set of Minuets that all developed from each other, also the most successful hence its inclusion.


Minuet for Joyce Written for my wife. Originally for the Classical sonata, but was not right.  It is a good stand alone piece.


Minuet from rhondo This is a spin off from another piece.  The Rhondo.


Mira s Galliard written to commemorate the visit of an old friend.  Mira is a dancer and have played many times in the past for her, and wanted to try and write a Galliard.  I also put in a musical joke.


Passacaglia Piano After writing a series of canon I wanted to write a passacaglia and think that this is a good attempt.  I enjoy playing it.