Q to S

Quiet Piece 4 Emma I wrote this about my dog Emma, who was mad in the beginning.  But lived with us for 14 years or more.  She had to be put down in 2008 a bit traumatic.  This piece is a little bit of her nature, including her scratching.  Which found its way into some other pieces of the time.


Quiet Piece for piano A duet that has been transcribed for various brass duets.


Ragtime 3 A ragtime based on a chord circle that I liked to use in the past, it allowed me to write a Piece that went its own way through keys.


Redemption for Piano This is a great crescendo of a piece, in 5 4.  It gradually swells throughout the piece.


Rhondo Minuet A gentle Rhondo and Minuet together, in 3 4.


Rhythm No 26 An old piece that tried out different rhythm version.  This is the only one that worked.  Not a great piece but an interesting experiment from the past.


Roy s Jig piano version A jig for Roy MacIntosh, a friend and local singer songwriter.


Roy s Waltz Same chap, here is a Scottish waltz based on the same theme.


Salutation Jig Written in the old Salutation pub, now the Boathouse.  In Anstruther. This is a bit wild must have been a stormy night.


Sarabande for Debbie Written in the Ship Pub, Anstruther. (notice a theme playing out here).  Debbie was the barmaid for most of the writing sessions at the time.  This Sarabande is like the ticking of a clock, with implied melodies.