Small Piece 31 to 40

Small Piece 31 A two part piece, like a prelude.  Quite a cheerful piece in end.


Small Piece 32 This piece is a calm piece, though this is not obvious from this computer mp3.


Small Piece 33 This is wild canon exercise, pretty difficult to play.


Small Piece 34 A bleak piece about distance and loss.


Small Piece 35 for Piano A little two part prelude call and response.


Small Piece 36 This piece is a different style again, exploring a short phrase given at the beginning.


Small Piece 37 This piece has a held piano chord throughout which acts as sympathetic strings to the notes that you hear.  Unfortunately the computer cannot do this so you just get the notes without the overtones.


Small Piece 38 classical muse at the Dreel A classical piece for Dreel pub, my current favourite haunt.  Nice and cheerful and rich.


Small Piece 39 Another cheerful piece in the Classical vein. Tricky unless your thirds are secure.


Small Piece 40 Minor fun Although in G minor, this piece is also classical in feel though with some unusual changes.  It is also cheerful despite the key.