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Quiet Piece for Horn, Trombone and Tuba, Same as the other quiet Piece but for other combinations.  Score   Horn   Trombone  Tuba


Quiet Piece Duet for Trombone and Trumpet, same as before but in a more user friendly key of B flat.   Score


Quiet Piece Duet for 2 Trumpets, this is the same duet but again in the Key of B Flat, the Score is already transposed,


Quiet Piece Duet for 2 Tuba, as before,  Score


Ska Piece for brass quintet, an arrangement of a piece originally written for a school string group.  I have changed the key and the articulation.  Any problems please email me.  Score  Trumpet 1 in B flat   Trumpet 2 in B flat   Horn in F  Trombone   Tuba


Slow air at the Masonic for Brass Quartet, this gentle piece was written in the Masonic pub, hence the title and is dedicated to the memory of Gavin, a friend and the late publican. Score  Trumpet in Bflat  Horn in F  Trombone  Tuba