C to D

Here are the next ten.

Classical Sonata 1 mvt for Eliza Bennett c2007 This was a try at writing a classical style piano sonata, hence the title.


Classical Sonata 2 mvt Slow movement This is a try at Beethoven, it still needs some extra work.


Classical Sonata 3 mvt Minuetish this is a modern version of the minuet.


Classical sonata 4 mvt a modern jig.


Cow and Cat  a little piece for the boys.


Dark Autumnal Piece for Piano is an impression of the wild autumnal weather.


Davids Jig Written with my friend David Filby in mind.


Debussy for Kathy written for Kathy Adamson, an attempt at Debussy obviously.


Debussy for Kathy 2 Another go at the initial start of the piece.


Drifting wind a small piece about sitting enjoying the air.