Bertramka’s Garden

Bertramka’s Garden, was written while sitting in a garden of a house in Prague called “Bertramka”.  This is where Mozart visited and eventually stayed whilst in Prague, particularly during the production of Don Giovani in 1787.  When I visited the House, it had been completely cleared due to a dispute between the state and the previous owners.  I did however purchase a glossy program showing me all of the things that would have been there before the dispute.  Having wandered around the house I then sat in the garden in the summer heat and listening to the sound of insects and swallows whizzing around the many tall mature trees.  I started this piece. bertramka-s-garden Score.   bertramka-s-garden-violin-1, bertramka-s-garden-violin-2 bertramka-s-garden-viola,  bertramka-s-garden-violoncello
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