String Pieces D to H

The word competition is for a competition that I entered for the double bass.   I was really pleased with this composition.  The last movement is very hard I think to pull off.   As usual these are just computer mp3’s so just for an idea of the overview.

For the first movement I wanted to reverse the normal role of the solo to the piano, in that as the bass was a low instrument then instead of low note and chord in the accompaniment I would have a high note plus chord.  I also added touches of reverse Jazz like bits.

Double Bass Sonata Movement 1competition score

Double Bass Part

The slow movement is exploring the low rich sound that I love from the bass in the form of a scale like passage, and rising harmony.

Double Bass Sonata Movement 2 slow score

Double Bass Part

I wanted to try something unusual with this movement and see if I could write a jig for the Double bass.  It should be fun to play.

Double Bass Sonata Movement 3 Rondo for competition score

Double Bass

Davids Jig for strings score

A little jig written for a friend, appears in various guises.  In a piano duet, for solo piano and here for mixed strings.

 Violin 1        Violin 2        Cello

Easter piece 2 for Primary 2012 score

This was just the starting point for an Easter piece performed with massed violins.  I added other parts and doubled the length of a lot of the piece.

 Violin 1        Violin 2        Violin 3        Violin 4

Electron Jig for Violin and Cello score

A jig exploring the idea of electrons travel through metal.  Written for and after a few conversations with a friend Richard, a chemist.

 Violin 1        Cello

Enigmatic Variations Op3 score

This is a College piece from the 80’s a bit of fun poked at the Elgar originals.  Not as good as Elgar though.

 Violin I        Violin II        Viola        Cello

Free Lullabye For Viola and Piano 

A slow moody piece for piano and viola.

Fugue No 8 string version score

This is an arrangement of the piano fugue.

 Violin 1        Violin 2        Viola        Cello

Haikus for Piano and Strings

A set of 3 viola and piano pieces based loosely around a musing on the way haiku poems are constructed.  There are also three Violin and Piano arrangements as well.  If you wish any other combination of this or any pieces please let me know and I would be happy to oblige.

Haiku 1 for Viola and Piano     Haiku 2 for Viola and Piano

Haiku 3 for Viola and Piano


Haiku 1 for Violin and Piano        Haiku 2 for Violin and Piano

Haiku 3 for Violin and Piano

Happy Pieces

These are the original Happy Piece 2 for Marimba and Violin, plus two arrangements for Piano and viola and violin.  Also an arrangement of Happy Piece 4 for strings from the piano version.

Happy Piece 2 for Marimba and Violin

Happy Piece 2 for Piano and Viola

Happy Piece 2 for Piano and Violin


Happy Piece 4 for strings score

Violin 1        Violin 2        Viola        Cello

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

Mixed Ensemble
Tuned Percussion
Wind Instruments
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