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Medly for Burns Night 2012 is a set of Burns tunes with slight arrangement for Violin and Viola.   Melancholy Piece for Allan I wrote this piece for a piano pupil who appreciates my music.  The piece is here in its original form and a small additional arrangement.  It is built over a falling sequential ground. Mic’s Song Op13 I wrote this a long time ago in another age, when I was in college.  It was based on a set of Haiku poems written as the sun came up, with observations on the sounds of the waking world.  It is scored for Baritone, 3 solo instruments and 4 strings.  Who represent the rising sun with a rising dischord that resolves in the end. Minimally Sad Piece 1 This is a minimalist piece for string quartet. Minor String Canon is a modern piece and sounds a bit harsh on the mp3 from the computer.  But it should be more melodious when played by a group.  It is really a fleshing out of an idea. Montrose Canon a canon over a ground bass produced by the bass, which was written when working in Montrose Academy. Morning This was written for the Angus String Orchestra, and is based on the struggle to get out of bed in the morning. New Song Experiment 1 A four bar end of term piece for up to 9 violins.  A happy piece. New Song Experiment 2 Another 4 violin end of term piece, not used in the end a little more tricky.  But should be fun. Open String Canon is an extension of the patterns that I use as warm ups with my pupils.  They can be used in any combination.  But here are some that I have put together for use in the past.  3 violins, viola and cello      5 Cellos in D    5 Cellos in G     5 Violas in D     5 Violas in G    A short version, 5 Violas in G for standard grade recording  and finally    5 Violins Open String Canon Revisited, this is a harder version with divisions down to the semi quaver.  More Pachelbel like.  3 violins, viola and cello    5 Viola version    
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