Slow Movement This is a slow pulsing piece which is one big sequence inspired by the slow movements by Vivaldi.  Though obviously not as good. Slow sparkle for Viola this a piece for viola and piano, a slow and thoughtful piece.  Written for a pupil.  Viola part.  Slow sparkle for Viola Viola  Mp3 is not very good please bare with it.   Slow String Piece A strong string orchestra piece in ABA form. Small Canons 1 to 9 here are the first 9 of 15 canons for strings, some with words.  Some are just one bar up to 5 bar canons.  Great for teaching and also just fun to play. Small Canon 10 to 19 here are the rest, some nice unusual canons with many mixed parts. Small Pieces.  Arrangements of the piano small pieces.  Mostly for string quartet. soft waltz for Piano and violin A grand waltz tune.  Violin   String Quartet  In 4 movements, Cantabile, Minuet and Trio, Scherzo, Slow peaceful end. Summer Chords for Auchterhouse Score This is a little String piece written for my pupils at Auchterhouse Primary School.  It is a tiny school and I only had 2 violins and a double bass (here changed to cello).  Violin 1Violin 2cello , Violin Teacher.      
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