Small Choir rounds and fun pieces

I have collected together some of my rounds and small choir pieces.  These were written as teaching aids for me teaching string and mixed ensemble groups.  The words helped the students play well together and were fun to do as well.  They can also be taught by rote easily.  As separate parts or complete song, or broken up into any order that you wish.  The idea is anything fits together.  Percussion works well as well. Small Canon 3 includes two versions with words.  All good fun for teaching kids. Small canon 3 for singing Cola version     Small canon 3 for singing tea version You tube version by me Small Canon 4 includes words as well. Small canon 4 for violin     You tube version by me Small Canon 8 is also with words.  It is mostly in the minor. Small canon 8 with words Small Canon 11a for strings score This was a canon off the back of an African round called Ongawa. (spelling is probably dodgy).  It can be performed in two ways every 2 pars (11a) and every bar (11b) 11a version 11b version   The Whale Cannon for voice and strings, Written for an end of year primary bash.   ongowa_canon_for_voice_or_violin Here is a little african welcoming canon that is fun to do. tallis_canon_with_new_words_the_teenage_song I wrote this to do at the end of term for S2 but it works for most ages. african_rhythms_in_english_spoken_canon These are the african rhythms written out to be spoken and then played using percussion. christmas-song-score this is as it says on the tin.  
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