Voice 1

Anstruther Mass, This piece was written for the Anstruther Philharmonic Society, a local choir which has been singing and performing for over 100 years.  I am their Piano accompanist. The mass is a history of choir music from early plainsong through to Renaissance/Modern. Depression song, like a lot of musicians and artists I suffer from depression.  So here is my take on it.   Mic’s Song Op13, This song I wrote based on the poems of a friend.  Michael Oliver wrote a series of Haiku poems written as the sun came up in the middle of the countryside.  This piece is based over a series of rising dischords on strings.  With various light motives in three solo instruments.  Plus Baritone. Psalm Chants, 3 psalm chants.  One composed on a chord of D major and another on a Drone note. Small Canon 11 African rhythm, a voice and string canon based on an african canon.  This can be done as shown every 2 bars, or overlapping every bar.   The Lord’s Prayer, A homophonic version of the prayer.   The Lord’s Prayer 2014, A new Composition of the Prayer for 2 part choir.   The Whale Cannon for voice and strings, Written for an end of year primary bash.   Tiggers Birthday Canon, written using a tune later turned into a full fugue for piano.   Void, a wordless choir rant with organ intro.  
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