Anstruther Mass

I originally wrote a Sanctus in the style of a composer called Obrecht, a 15th Century composer who wrote melismatically.  But decided to write a complete mass, to have something that worked for me and continued a theme I decided to write a mass on the history (very roughly) of written choir music from the earliest Neumes plainsong through to a renaissance/modern conclusion.  With each of the 5 movements moving through history. There are some practise parts for choirs here. Anstruther Mass Kyrie This is the first part of the mass and moves music from its unknown plainsong style beginning in the 8th Century, through to around the 10th Century.  For a fuller explanation please contact me.  Enjoy   Anstruther Mass Gloria This piece shows some of the aspects of music from the 10th Century.  I have used the plainsong from the Kyrie as the tenor line, and rhythms that are similar to the ones used by some of the Rhythmic modes.  Best of all I wanted to write a piece that was bright and celebratory.   Anstruther Mass Sanctus score, original unaccompanied.  This movement reflects my thoughts on the composer Obrecht.  Who in the 15th Century wrote mellismatic music.   Anstruther Mass Sanctus with organ part, originally this was written without organ, but works ok if Organ is necessary.
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