F to O

Here are the next set of pieces and arrangements for Wind solos and groups. Fugue 7 for wind trio score, an original work.   Flute     Oboe     Bassoon   Fugue trio for wind score, a little piece for wind trio. Oboe    Clarinet in Bb     Bassoon   Happy Piece 2 for Marimba and Flute score, other versions available.  Flute   Into the Haar, is for wind orchestra, the Haar is a sea mist that turns summer days into murky mysterious places. Key Change Chords, a piece exploring different key movements. Les and Sue’s Party Piece wind version, this piece is a reworking of a stride bass jazz piece that I wrote for Les. Little Dance for a trio, a couple of versions of an original trio. Op 22 Cor Anglais Sonata, a very early and very chromatic and modern sonata, just 2 movements done.
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