12th June 2019

I have just had an email from a company based around an AI (Artificial Intelligence) which has been set up to do compositions.  Yet another hammer in the very solid coffin of us Classical Composers.  Or any composers, I suppose.

In the email the chap in charge asked how I come up with ideas and compose with those ideas.  Having written him an answer I thought that you the unknown reader might be interested in such things.  So here is my reply to him:

“I compose mostly to help me sleep. If I don’t do something creative then my mind will not turn off.

My composition process is fairly ordinary I think, I compose mostly in the pub where there is noise and conversation, but usually not directed at me. I find that with my front (wakened mind?) occupied I can concentrate and write something or follow an idea onto the page. I generally have a thought kicking around or a particular style of music that has attracted me during my instrumental pratice in the week.

Once the idea has started, I can usually get a couple of pages down that night. I then continue to chew at the piece working my way through, playing it back either on piano or through Dorico. I make corrections and add new sections, though new sections are usually added at another pub session or visit to parents evening/ doctors surgery etc.

I continue to chew over the piece until I have a good shape, then work my way down into the detail of chord placement, and sorting out any sections that annoy or niggle me. Finally I work at articulation and dynamics, pedal marks bowing etc.

Then I upload the piece and leave it to get dusty and unused on the internet while I start a new one.

I often have two or three on the go at the same time.”

Let me know what you think.  Cheers

Unknown Composer

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