Piano Duets

Here a few pieces that over the years I have reworked into duets. A Jig in the Ship Piano Duet This is the duet version that came after the original solo piano work.  It is fun to play.   B Minor Piece Piano Duet This is a Duet version of the solo piano piece of the same name, a neo-Baroque piece.   Lightness for Piano Duet This piece reminds me of lying on the grass in an English Village green.  With the heat, the distant people, birds and animals.  And the occasional bells of the Church clock and ringers.   Opus 4 for Harpsichord and Piano This is a twelve tone ish piece of madness from the 1980’s and my polytechnic days.  I had a habit of giving all of the pieces an Opus number then hence the pretension.   Sitting in the garden at Anstruther for 6 hands This piece is an impression of the bird sounds in my garden in the summer.  It is a short impressionist piece.  For 6 hands on one piano.
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