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String Pieces T to Z

Tune for Robyn 

Written for a friend and former pupil.  

Violin 1 part

Twinkling Variations

These variations were written for the Monifieth High String Group for fun but also to illustrate all of the National 3 string concepts.

Twinkling Variations for strings score

Violin I     Violin II     Viola I     Violoncello I

Twinkling Variations for strings with extra easier parts score

Violin I     Violin II     Violin III     Viola I     Viola II    Violoncello I   Violincello II     Double Bass

Solo Viola Suit

This is a solo viola suite inspired by the cello suites of Bach.  In three movements, Prelude, Balade and Gavotte.

Viola Suite No 1 Prelude

VIola Suite No 2 Ballad

Viola Suite No 3 Gavotte

Violin Jiggish

Solo Violin Jig, which changes through time signatures and emphasis.

Violin Studies

4 little violin studies.

Violin Study 1

I later created the Overture for strings from this study.

Violin Study 2

A little study in thirds.

Violin Study 3

plucked chord study.

Violin Study 4

a little tune with second part.


Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

Mixed Ensemble
Tuned Percussion
Wind Instruments
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