Concert Programmes

Music Through Time

A one man show that starts with me in full Magisterial Presence, demonstrating 8 instruments with accompanying stories and facts.  To paint a picture of a musicians life in the late medieval through to the renaissance.  In the second half using a piano I bring the listeners forwards with well chosen pieces interspersed with original compositions by Jim Tribble.  The whole evening is enlivening, and full of interest with a relaxed professional approach.

This was first performed on the 27th April 2016 at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews.

I have performed and demonstrated instruments in a huge range of settings which include Edinburgh Castle and Rosslyn Chapel, on a regular basis.  In the past 25 years I have also performed for Television, Hampton Court, Leeds Armory, and many other historic and important venues around Britain and Europe.

If you wish to know more or ask about fees, and referees.  Please contact me on

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