Small Pieces 61 to 80

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Small Piece 61 

Bit of wild piece with a suddenly calm middle.

Small piece 62 Minuet 

A sort of nursery minuet.

Small Piece 63 Current 

A motor perpetuo type study.

Small Piece 64 

A set of choral type chords to start, and then get explored.

Small Piece 65 in the dreel halls 

Started at the summer solstice concert in the Dreel Halls Anstruther.

Small Piece 66 Prelude 

A cheerful little prelude on arched arpeggios.

Small Piece 67 

A little contemplative piece written in 2015.

Small Piece 68 

Another reflective piece but a little more positive.

Small Piece 69-Prelude

A Baroque style prelude.

Small Piece 70

A dreamy piece in the Sarabande (ish) tradition.

Small Piece 71

A Bach like two part invention.  It is Jolly though.

Small Piece 72

This French Baroque attempt was inspired by Couperin. (the younger)

Small Piece 73

An exercise (good I think) of two part counterpoint, ranging all over the piano. 

Small Piece 74 Two Part

An exercise in a little Baroque counter point in two parts.  This is also available in a wind quintet version that works beautifully.

Small Piece 75 Sharpened 11th

This was sparked by a conversation about chords, with Gordon McNeil who is a fantastic Jazz Saxophonist.  

Small Piece 76

This piece had a difficult birth, as it involved thinking about Bach Chorals, then it twisted away from this thought into the piece you have today.  I still find it an interesting piece.

Small Piece 77-Allemand

This was inspired after playing through Buxtehude’s Music.  And is linked to the Courante in Small Piece 79

Small Piece 78-Courante

This was originally going to be part of a Baroque Style Piano Suit, but did not get put together as such.  Look out for the Allemande and Preludes as well.

Small Piece 79  

This is a difficult piano piece but one that is oddly satisfying.  In writing this I was exploring my modern counterpoint style.

Small Piece 80  

This is a reflective piece with a calm middle and a loud ending.

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