A to F

A Jig in the Ship for Wind, an arrangement of the original Piano piece, also available in other instrumental arrangements.  This piece is a happy baroque type piece that suits this arrangement. Amsterdam Fugue for Wind Quartet, written on a rare holiday to Amsterdam, this is an original and short Fugue. Bach Experiment for Wind Quartet, arrangement of string piece for wind quartet both the original and the more extended version 2. Bittersweet Waltz wind version, an arrangement of the original piano piece.  For Wind quartet. Cantabile for Wind, an arrangement of the string quartet first movement. Christmas Song Wind Version, a piece created for use in Primary School concerts obviously at Christmas. David’s Jig, arrangement of Piano piece original. Ecky Beck’s Jig, an original small piano piece arrangement of a mad little Jig written for Ecky Beck a local friend.  I then exploded the little jig into a full sized wind quartet piece, which should be fun to play.      
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