Brass Pieces

Brass Pieces

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Choir Pieces

This book is filled with pieces for various mixed choir pieces, plenty of rounds, and Puzzle pieces.  I have arranged some of the choir pieces and other consort pieces for Brass.  Though modern brass was not available to the renaissance musicians there were the beginnings of brass music available.  Such as the Sackbut, which by the time of Henry VIII was already being called the Trombone in Italy, this was a small bore trombone in many sizes all the way up to a slide trumpet.  There were Cornett’s, and Cornetti.  These were instrument around from the 14th Century all the way through to around 1700 or beyond.  Very difficult to play then and now, they are, however, very flexible in what they can play.  The sound is described as being like a shaft of sunshine on a cloudy day.  They can, when played by a skilled player, do anything that a violin can do at the same pitch with the same articulation and at the same speed.

Pieces up to 30        Pieces up to 60        Pieces up to 90

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