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In the Haven This piece was written in the Haven pub a pleasant place to spend an evening.  Looking out onto the Firth of Fourth over the Harbour of Cellardyke. Jiggy Solo An exploration of some old Jig material from the 90’s. Jim’s Fancy A folk piece, just a pleasant English style folk tune arranged in various ways. Joyful Jig for Solo Viola Another folk like tune.   Joyful Jig for two Violas   Joyful March for solo viola   La Folia Various arrangements of La Folia, Duet, Trio, and Quartet, including a version originally written for a group at the Reed School in Surrey. Little Prelude in B flat, An arrangement of a little Piano piece for various Duets. Lost Story for Viola is a little fantasy for viola and piano.  Slow and contemplative.  Built on a Rondo form.   Maltese Rap Piece for Intermediate Strings A string arrangement of a piece originally written for mixed ensemble.  It is the imagined background to a rap song.  But it has turned out quit relaxed.  
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