Early Musician


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I perform and demonstrate with properly researched information and humour a range of periods which include Renaissance, Medieval, Georgian, and Victorian (I have done Roman! though that was truly bizarre).  This is with a collection of instruments from the period concerned, also with or without the costumes of the period.

For details of upcoming shows go to my facebook site.  There is also a CD available

I have performed in all of the major Historical venues around Britain but presently work at Edinburgh Castle in the Great Hall, and at some other sites that have included, Stirling and Linlithgo Castles and Fort William.

I am a GTC qualified music teacher and primary music specialist, and regularly take instruments and costumes into schools, and run project for the youth music intitiative.

I have enjoyed giving talks to many local societies both in Scotland and around Britain.

Please contact me on compose@thewrittennote.co.uk

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