Piano Pieces A to D

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A Jig in the Ship Piano Solo.  

A piece that explores through a Baroque Jig medium, 3/4 and 6/8 at the same time.

Autumn Thoughts 2007 revisited

This is a Baroque/Jazzy piece, with fugual elements.

B minor piece

A gentle baroque/Jim style piece.

Basse Dance

Variations on a Rennaissance Basse Dance of certain fame.

Bittersweet Waltz 

A modern twisted waltz.

Blueish Slow work for Piano

A piano version of an ensemble piece.  Sort of 23 bar blues.

C and S 

A progression of chords written on a bad day, that works out in the end.

Can’t Sleep in 1986 Variations for piano 

I really could not sleep, I was sleeping on the floor in a friends room and too cold (and possibly too drunk) so I wrote a set of 21 variations (I was 21).  It has since been revised but still has to settle.


This was written on one of my rare holidays.  This time to Amsterdam, with my wife.  We were having Coffee in the centre, when suddenly a Carillon (an instrument typically in church towers that uses a primitive keyboard to play a set of bells with connected hammers) started up and played Mozart in the still air.  This piece was my impression of the experience.

Classical Sonata for Eliza Bennett (c2007)

Classical Sonata mvt 1

This movement was a try at writing a classical style piano sonata, hence the title.

Classical Sonata mvt 2

The Slow Movement, with this I am trying (poorly) at Beethoven, it still needs some extra work.

Classical Sonata mvt 3

The Minetish, this is a modern version of the minuet.

Classical sonata mvt 4 

A modern jig.

Cow and Cat 

A little piece for the boys.

Dark Autumnal Piece for Piano 

This is an impression of the wild autumnal weather.

Davids Jig 

Written with my friend David Filby in mind.

Debussy for Kathy 

Written for Kathy Adamson, an attempt at Debussy.

Debussy for Kathy 2 

Another go at the initial start of the piece.

Drifting wind 

This is a small piece about sitting enjoying the air.

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

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