Small Pieces 21 to 40

All the free Pdf Scores are in blue

Small Piece 21 

A falling 3 4 tune in a rondo form.

Small Piece 22 for Piano 

I was really happy with this piece, it is a post minimalist ground in C sharp major.  Perhaps more like a passacaglia.

Small Piece 23 for Piano 

An experiment in odd length bars with 3 4 and 4 4 mixed and mixed cross rhythms.  Which is quite pleasing.

Small Piece 24 for Piano

A helter skelter piece which is also in a string quartet version.  I was going Mendelson’s rushing string style.

Small Piece 26 trio 

A simple piece but with a good tune at the end.  To the small Piece’s traditions.

Small Piece 27 

This is a pattern piece on chords over scale passages.

Small Piece 28 

A little lumpy tune, like a drunk pianist.  This goes through some different treatments.  It is also used in my Violin Sonata.

Small Piece 29 

A very short piece with a simple chordal idea.

Small Piece 30 March 2010 

A substantial piece that starts with a long minor tune that gradually gets incorporated and imitated.

Small Piece 31 

A two part piece, like a prelude.  Quite a cheerful piece in end.

Small Piece 32 

This piece is a calm piece, though this is not obvious from this computer mp3.

Small Piece 33 

This is wild canon exercise, pretty difficult to play.

Small Piece 34 

A bleak piece about distance and loss.

Small Piece 35 for Piano 

A little two part prelude call and response.

Small Piece 36 

This piece is a different style again, exploring a short phrase given at the beginning.

Small Piece 37 

This piece has a held piano chord throughout which acts as sympathetic strings to the notes that you hear.  Unfortunately the computer cannot do this so you just get the notes without the overtones.

Small Piece 38 classical muse at the Dreel 

A classical piece for Dreel pub, my current favourite haunt.  Nice and cheerful and rich.

Small Piece 39 

Another cheerful piece in the Classical vein. Tricky unless your thirds are secure.

Small Piece 40 Minor fun

Although in G minor, this piece is also classical in feel though with some unusual changes.  It is also cheerful despite the key.

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