Lute Project


Couranto 3 and 4

Then Couranto 3 and 4 realised by Jim Tribble    Plus  Couranto 3 and 4 realised for Guitar

This Coranto pairing is, for me, a bit of an ear worm.  Particularly Coranto 4 which is beautiful. 

Couranto 5

Then Coranto 5 realised by jim tribble   Plus Couranto 5 for guitar

This one is a little longer so I have put in a repeat.  It is a little sparse when compared to the earlier ones and reminds me (just my opinion) of the more sparse Scottish Lute music.

Couranto 6 and 7

Then Couranto 6 and 7 realised by Jim Tribble   Plus Couranto 6 and 7 Guitar version

I have also managed to start using the Tab function on the Dorico 3.10 computer programe that I use.  Let me know if there are any problems.

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