Lute Project


Allemaine 1

Monsieurs Allemaine.  By Daniel Batchellor.

Almaine 1   and here is Almaine 1 realised by Jim Tribble

Plus Almaine 1 realised by Jim Tribble for Guitar

Allemaine 2

Sir Guildfords Almaine

Almaine 2  and here is Almaine 2 realised

Plus Almaine 2 realised for Guitar

The Queens Mask

The First Three are the masks and the last is a Witches Dance for the Mask.

The Queen’s Masks  Plus The Queen’s Masks realised

And  The Queen’s Masks realised for Guitar

Almaine 7   

I think that this is a really nice Almaine.

Plus Almaine 7 realised    And  Almaine 7 realised for Guitar

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