Small Pieces 1 to 20

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Small Piece 1

This is one of the first piece that I wrote, but was revised in 2009

Small piece 2

This is a little tricky, exploring different chord relationships.

Small piece 3

This piece is a pattern piece.

Small Piece 4

This is a kind of Sarabande, with a subtitle whimsy.

Small Piece 5

This was an experiment in minimalist writing with a bit of humour.

Small Piece 6

Another pattern piece a little reflective.

Small piece 7

A little waltz tune that I return to later.

Small Piece 8

This piece explores C sharp major and the change between two close chords.

Small Piece No 9-Joyce’s Choice

Joyces choice for piano  The subtitle Joyce’s choice is because my wife liked this one.  A piece in 5/4 with a cheerful outlook.

Small Piece 10

An experiment in minimalism.

Small piece 11 Piano

An extension of the Waltz from Small Piece 7, this computer recording is too heavy in the bass.  Please play it live it is a good tune.

Small Piece 12 Sarabande 

This is like a Baroque sarabande.

Small Piece 13  

A simple waltz, twisted in my own way.

Small Piece 14 

This was written in 2006.  In Rondo form, a bit of fun.

Small Piece 15 Sarabande

Another baroque sarabande type piece. In a minimalist vein.

Small Piece 16 Tonal Arch for Joan

Written for a fellow piano tuner and friend, Joan Branney.  She does not like anything that clashes like most modern music so this is deliberately very tonal, but with a few little twists.

Small Piece 17 Minuet in D Minor 

A kind of 3 4 March.

Small Piece 18 for Piano 

This is a very minimalist pattern piece originally written for Marimba but works, in a different way, on the piano as well.

Small Piece 19 for Piano 

My most violent piano piece, an exercise in clashing chords.  It is also next to impossible to play.  Enjoy

Small Piece 20 for Piano

A mix of major minor throughout, in a Waltz form.  Sounds better live.

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