String Pieces O to S

Overture for strings score

An imagined overture to a film.  Possible Ealing Cinema? There is also an effective wind version.

Violin 1        Violin 2        Viola        Violoncello        Double Bass

Portcullis musings for viola and guitar 

A piece written while staying at the Portcullis Hotel in Stirling.

 Psaltery Pieces

Various string versions of this tune, also available in Piano and other guises.

Psaltery piece for 2 violas Score

Viola 1        Viola 2

Psaltery piece for Violin Duet score

Violin 1        Violin 2

Psaltery Rhyme simple version for 3 violas and lute score

Simplified 3 viola version with additional Lute!

Viola 1        Viola 2        Viola 3        Treble Lute in D

Quiet piece for viola duet score

More duets of Quiet piece, also available in a wide variety of other versions including piano.

Viola        Viola 2        

Quiet piece for violin viola or cello score

Violin        Viola        Violoncello

Rhumba in the Dreel viola and piano 

This is a free Rhumba inspired by an open mike night in the Dreel tavern when I heard a lot of strummed Guitar and thought of Spain. Viola part

Viola Part

Roys Jig

Arranged from the piano piece of the same name.  Little duets.

Roy s Jig violin and viola

Roy s Jig viola and viola

Roy s Jig violin and cello

Roy s Jig viola and cello

Salutation Jig for Strings score

A string arrangement of the piano piece written in the old Salutation pub.

Violin I        Violin II        Viola        Violoncello

Scottish Nursery piece for string group score

An arrangement of a piece originally written for Guitar.

Violin 1         Violin 2        Viola        Violoncello

Ska piece for intermediate strings score

A great fun piece written for Angus Intermediate strings.  Which they performed.  Also available in a brass version.

Violin I        Violin II        Viola        Violoncello

Slipped Jig score

A jig written in Murray house for a project.  It is slipped because it is in 5 8!  For Violin, Viola and Piano.

Violin        Viola

Slow Air at the Masonic Viola and Piano

The original versions written in the Masonic pub.  In memory of Gavin, a great man.

Slow Air at the Masonic Viola and Piano Viola

Solo version with guitar chords.

Slow Air at the Masonic Viola and Guitar

Slow Movement score

This is a slow pulsing piece which is one big sequence inspired by the slow movements by Vivaldi.  Though obviously not as good.

Violin 1        Violin 2        Viola        Violoncello

Slow sparkle for Viola Score 

This a piece for viola and piano, a slow and thoughtful piece.  Written for a pupil.  Viola part.  

Viola part  

Slow String piece score

A strong string orchestra piece in ABA form.

Violin I        Violin II        Viola        Violoncello

Small Canons 1 to 20

Here are the first 19 Small canons for strings, some with words.  Some are just one bar up to 5 bar canons.  Great for teaching and also just fun to play.  There are also versions for Wind groups.

Small Pieces arranged for Strings

These are arrangements for various numbers of strings, of some of my Small Pieces initially written for Piano but always with a view to expand.

String Quartet

In 4 movements, Cantabile, Minuet and Trio, Scherzo, Slow peaceful end.

String Quartet Mvt 1 Cantabile score

Violin I     Violin II     Viola     Violoncello

String Quartet Mvt 2 Minuet score 

A kind of dance movement.  The repeat of the first movement is optional and can be used if you wish a two movement work.

Violin I     Violin II     Viola     Violoncello

String Quartet Mvt 3 Scherzo score

Violin I     Violin II     Viola     Violoncello

String Quartet Mvt 4 Last Movement score

Violin I     Violin II     Viola     Violoncello


Summer Chords for Liff Score

This is a little String piece written for my pupils at Liff Primary School.  It is a small school and but I had a small string group.  This piece can be arranged in a variety of different ways. 

Violin Teacher         Violin I       Violin II        Viola        Violoncello

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

Mixed Ensemble
Tuned Percussion
Wind Instruments
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