Composer: Harp Pieces



Carillon Score 

This is a piece written after hearing the Carillon played in Amsterdam.

Colours of the Forth

Harp Quartet for four Lever Harps

I was excited by the idea and possibilities of using four lever harps.  This was  proposed by a Harpist and Teacher that I met at the Dundee Symphony Orchestra.  I thought that I could write music with an architectural/three dimensional aural quality and I set about the pieces with this in mind.  I also wanted to explore the idea of having the Harps tuned in different keys so that I could juxtapose chords and patterns in different ways.

Colours of the Fourth, White Movement 1 Score

Harp 1     Harp 2    Harp 3      Harp 4 

Colours of the Fourth, Blue Movement 2 Score  

 Harp 1     Harp 2   Harp 3     Harp 4 

Colours of the Fourth, Silver Movement 3 Score

Harp 1     Harp 2     Harp 3     Harp 4  

Harp Piece Score   

This piece is very simple and without dynamics at the moment.  ie it is a bit of a sketch, so please if you have a go there is a lot of freedom for expression.

Psaltery Piece for Harp Score   

This piece came to me as a tune while playing my Psaltery.  Enough said.

Still Piece 1 for Harp Score

Another use of the material of Harp piece but a little simpler.

Still Piece 2 for Harp Score 

This piece is another try at a piece that just calmly exists.

Still Piece 3 for Harp Score   

This piece was originally written for Guitar but here is a version for harp.


Piece for Psaltery (Harp on a box)

Psaltery Rhyme Score

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

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Wind Instruments
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