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Jims Fancy for Piano

This piece is a little made up English folk tune, originally a violin duet but expanded into a fun piece for piano.

Joyces Nocturne 

This is a romantic piece, for my wife Joyce.  In a sort of chopenesk style.

Les and Sue s Party piece 

This was written for Les Filby’s birthday that I attended last year.  It was a great party in the garden of the house next door to the one we used to live in, in South London.  Les introduced me to Jazz piano many years ago, and I thought that I would repay the gift.

Lightness for Piano-A Summer Afternoon on an English Green

This is a reflection of lying on the village green listening to the sounds of a village in the summer.

Little Prelude in B flat 

Just a small little piece.

Little Waltz 

This was written while I was still in college, it is not very complete.  I will finish it off properly some day.

Loningdale Jig for Piano 

Loningdale is an away centre for band camp and the like.  I wanted to write a jig like one of the breathless Bach ones.

March pre college 

Written as it says while in school.  I was playing a lot of Chopin badly and this is the result.

Marcus’s Fugue 

this was written for my good friend and composer, artist. Marcus England.


Medieval Minded Matthews Maggot

This was written for my brother Matthew.  I was looking at a lot of medieval music history and it spilled over into this piece.

Meeting of Musical Minds

This is a piece celebrating a small occasion in my life.  When after a concert I sat at a table with 3 other composers, ie there were four composers at the same table. 

This is based on a ground base a bit like a slow passacaglia. 

Melancholy Piece for Allan Piano version

This was written for my good friend Alan Burns.  There is also a string group version.

Mindful Minuet-(Jakes Complaint)

This piece follows on from Meeting of Musical Minds.  Jake. another composer, at the table, later complained, correctly, that this was not a minuet.  I have written a minuet for him in response.  Though he has not responded to it.  I just had a feeling that this was a minuet in spirit if not in form.  Hence the name.

Minuet experiment 3

The third in a set of Minuets that all developed from each other, also the most successful hence its inclusion.

Minuet for Joyce

Written for my wife. Originally for the Classical sonata, but was not right.  It is a good stand alone piece.

Minuet from rhondo

This is a spin off from another piece.  The Rhondo.

Mira s Galliard

This was written to commemorate the visit of an old friend.  Mira is a dancer and have played many times in the past for her, and wanted to try and write a Galliard.  I also put in a musical joke.

Passacaglia Piano

After writing a series of canon I wanted to write a passacaglia and think that this is a good attempt.  I enjoy playing it.

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

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