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Music Through Time (Volume 1)

Music Through Time (Volume 1)

Music Through Time takes you on a journey from the 13th Century (through a few diversions) to the 17th Century. I play the music on 12 instruments from the period. The Contents and more can be seen below.

The CD is available as a download or physically. The Photographs used, were taken by Tayfun Sertan Yaman, were you can see more of his photographs, well worth a visit.


Click on each line for more detail on the musics origin plus notation, and the instrument for more details about them.

1. Summer is a comin in

13th Century song about spring, which I sing with a Rebec.

2. Helas il n’est mais

13th Century song by Adam de la Halle which I play on the Medieval Fyddle.

3. Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene

13th Century Anonymous song, normally known by the shortened title “Edi Beo Thu”.  It was written as a duet and here I play the duet on a Psaltery.

4. La ultime Estampie Real

13th Century formal dance popular until the end of the 14th Century.  I play this on the Medieval Fyddle.

5. Dame Se Vous Mestes

14th Century song by Guilemme de Machaut.  I play this on the Hurdy Gurdy.

6. Schiarazula marazula

16th Century Italian by Mainerio, originally for Citole. Played plucked on the Medieval Fyddle.

7. Suite of songs

14th Century.  The three songs are “Dou way Robin” by Michael Sargeant, “Angelus ad Virginem” reduction by M Sargeant and “Polorum Regina”, a pilgrims song mentioned by Chaucer.  Played in the low register on the Medieval Fyddle.

8. Se Je Souspire

14th Century.  By Guilemme de Machaut, and played on the Clavichord.

9. Quant Je Sui Mis.

14th Century.  By Guilemme de Machaut, and played bowed on the Psaltery.

10. The Washerwoman’s Branle

16th Century.  From a source around 1580 but probably much older dance.  I play this on the Three Holed Pipe and Drum.

11. Pastime with good Company

16th Century.  A song written by Henry VIII around 1520.  Here I play an introduction on the Crumhorn and then sing.

12. Earl of Salisbury’s Pavanne

16th Century.  A dance written by William Byrde in the second half of the 16th Century.  Here played on the Spinet.

13. A Suite of Jig’s

16th Century.  These are Sellengers round followed by Half Hannikin and then Hooligans Jig before finnishing back on the first one.  I play these on an 18th Century Violin.

14. Watkins Ale

16th Century.  A very popular song of the second half of the 16th Century and still going strong in the 17th Century with many versions and words, some of them rude.  Here I play an anonymous version from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book on the Clavichord.

15. Passamezzo

16th Century.  A popular dance from rural Italy that became much more well to do and universal across Europe by the end of the 16th Century.  Here a version played on the 18th Century Violin.

16. Martin Said To his Man

16th Century.  Another popular song of the late 16th Century, about the effects of drinking to much.  I sing this and accompany myself on the Cittern and Rackett.

17. Traditional Jigs

19th Century.  A collection of traditional Jigs, by Michael Sargeant, played on the Rebec.

18. Ground

17th Century.  An early 17th Century piece by Orlando Gibbons, here I play it on a Virginal.

19. Old French folk tune

19th Century.  Opening prelude by M Sargeant,  “Le Rossignol” (the nightingale), followed by “valse a Cadet” (Cadet Waltz).  Played on the Hurdy Gurdy.

20. An old Scottish Folk Song

17th Century.  Called in the source “an old Scottish song”.  Found in the Dalhousie estate library book from around 1630.  Played on the Cittern

21. Scottish Almayne

17th Century.  Scottish anonymous Almayne, from the collection of Scottish Renaissance keyboard music collected by Kenneth Elliot.

22. Jhonstoun’s delyt

17th Century.  Scottish piece by Edward Johnston, set by Duncan Burnett. Possible the last Renaissance keyboard teacher and composer in Scotland. The book was in the Panmuir Collection, Dundee.  From the collection of Scottish Renaissance keyboard music collected by Kenneth Elliot.


Claviatures by Ayala Asherov-Kalus

Asherov-Kalus, Fletcher, Scully, Tribble, Magorcka, Stolzel: Claviatures, Modern Chamber Works. My first track on a CD which is a post minimalist piece for the violin and piano.

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