Voice Pieces

Anstruther Mass

This piece was written for the Anstruther Philharmonic Society, a local choir which has been singing and performing for over 100 years.  I am their Piano accompanist. The mass is Designed to be a history of choir music from early plainsong through to Renaissance/Modern.

I originally wrote a Sanctus in the style of a composer called Obrecht, a 15th Century composer who wrote melismatically.  But decided to write a complete mass, to have something that worked for me and continued a theme I decided to write a mass on the history (very roughly) of written choir music from the earliest Neumes plainsong through to a renaissance/modern conclusion.  With each of the 5 movements moving through history.

There are some practise parts for choirs takling the Kyrie and Gloria Here.

Anstruther Mass Kyrie 

This is the first part of the mass and moves music from its unknown plainsong style beginning in the 8th Century, through to around the 10th Century.  For a fuller explanation please contact me.  Enjoy

Anstruther Mass Gloria 

This piece shows some of the aspects of music from the 10th Century.  I have used the plainsong from the Kyrie as the tenor line, and rhythms that are similar to the ones used by some of the Rhythmic modes.  Best of all I wanted to write a piece that was bright and celebratory.

Anstruther Mass Sanctus score

The original unaccompanied.  This movement reflects my thoughts on the composer Obrecht.  Who in the 15th Century wrote mellismatic music.

Anstruther Mass Sanctus with organ part

Originally this was written without organ, but works ok if Organ is necessary.

Christmas Song

This round was written for primary strings group and for singing, as I sometimes got them or their parents to sing in the end of year concert.  It is also available in the Strings section for String group.

Soprano 1        Soprano 2        Alto        Tenor        Bass


Depression song

Like a lot of musicians and artists I suffer from depression.  So here is my take on it.

The Lord’s Prayer

A homophonic version of the prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer 2014

A new Composition of the Prayer for 2 part choir.

Mic’s Song Op13

This song I wrote based on the poems of a friend.  Michael Oliver wrote a series of Haiku poems written as the sun came up in the middle of the countryside.  This piece is based over a series of rising dischords on strings.  With various light motives in three solo instruments.  Plus Baritone.

Mic’s Song Op13 score

Flute        Cor Anglais        Viola        Baritone        Violin 1        Violin 2        Violin 3        Violoncello

Psalm Chants

Three psalm chants.  One composed on a chord of D major and another on a Drone note.

Psalm Chant 1        Psalm chant 2        Psalm Chant 3

Small Canons for Voices

I have collected together some of my rounds and small choir pieces.  These were written as teaching aids for me teaching string and mixed ensemble groups.  The words helped the students play well together and were fun to do as well.  They can also be taught by rote easily.  As separate parts or complete song, or broken up into any order that you wish.  The idea is anything fits together.  Percussion works well as well.

Small Canon 3 includes two versions with words.  All good fun for teaching kids.

Small canon 3 Cola version        Small canon 3 tea version

Small Canon 4 includes words as well.

Small canon 4 for violin

Small Canon 8 is also with words.  It is mostly in the minor.

Small canon 8 with words

Small Canon 9 Whale Cannon for voice and strings

Written for an end of year primary bash.

Small Canon 11a for strings score

This was a canon off the back of an African round called Ongawa. (spelling is probably dodgy).  It can be performed in two ways every 2 pars (11a) and every bar (11b)

Ongowa canon for voice or violin

Some Fun Pieces

African rhythms in english spoken canon 

These are the african rhythms written out to be spoken and then played using percussion.


This is as it says on the tin.

Tallis Canon with new words the teenage song

I wrote this to do at the end of term for S2 but it works for most ages.

Tiggers Birthday Canon,

Just a bit of fun, written using a tune later turned into a full fugue for piano, this was a bit of fun for my friend Tigger.


A wordless choir rant with organ intro.

Organ Introduction to the Void
Void Choir Score

When Day is Done

This is a song on a poem by Edward Guest.

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

Mixed Ensemble
Tuned Percussion
Wind Instruments
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