Tuned Percussion

At odds piece with percussion orchestra score

This is an arrangement of a piece that I wrote for Violin and piano.  It is post minimalist, so lends itself to tuned percussion.  The original is available on a CD.  

Violin        Glockenspiel       Marimba       Vibraphone        Xylophone        Snare Drum        Bass Drum        Cymbals        Triangle        Timpani

Happy Piece 1 for Paul on Marimba

This was the first of the Happy Pieces.   Written for band camp in Angus a few moons ago.  It is really only playable as a duet on one marimba.

Happy Piece 2 for Marimba and Violin score

This is the second in the series.  The original was Violin and 2 Marimbas, but also here is just a marimba version, there are also violin and piano versions and other version elsewhere.

Violin Part

Here is an all marimba version.

Happy Piece 2 for Marimba

Happy Piece 3 for tuned percussion

This piece explores a similar rhythm to number 2 but takes it in a different direction.  Scored for marimba duet on one marimba, and vibraphone.  Also available as a piano piece.

Happy Piece 5 for Paul on tuned percussion score

This piece is a ground that gradually adds more instruments to the original tune.  I like this piece a lot.

Marimba        Glockenspiel        Vibraphone        Xylophone        Snare Drum        Wood Blocks

Little Dance for Marimba flute and oboe score

this is an arrangement of an original piece with the viola playing this marimba part.

Flute        Oboe        Marimba

Maltese Rap Piece for Marcus tuned percussion score

This piece is a background for an imagined Rapper.  Very chilled out.

Triangle        Marimba        Glockenspiel        Vibraphone

Mhairis Wedding for Percussion score

This is a rich arrangement of traditional Scottish tunes, including Mhairis Wedding.

Bass Drum        Glockenspiel        Marimba        Side Drum        Timpani        Triangle        Wood Blocks        Xylophone

Scottish Nursery piece for marimba score

Scottish Nursery Piece for Marimbas, a 4 marimba arrangement of the Guitar original, also available in other version.   

Marimba 1       Marimba 2       Marimba 3       Marimba 4

Small Piece 18 for Marimba

This is a minimalist piece also available in Piano.

Still Piece 2 for Percussion score

This an arrangement of the still pieces collection.  

Glockenspiel     Marimba    Vibraphone

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

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Tuned Percussion
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