Composer: Mixed Ensemble Pieces

Mixed Ensemble

Balalaika and Cor Anglais Jig for Geof Score

Written one wet Saturday, (just like today as it happens) showing Geof how I work with Sibelius (I now use Dorico). Rather relaxing piece in the end.

 Cor Anglais       Balalaika 1       Balalaika 2       Alto Balalaika       Bass Balalaika       Contrabass Balalaika

Balalaika Jig for Geof Cor Anglais and String version Score

Balalaika and cor Anglais Jig for Geof. Written one wet Saturday, (just like today as it happens) showing Geof how I work with Sibelius.  Rather relaxing piece in the end.

Cor Anglais         Violin I           Violin II         Viola          Violoncello         Double Bass

Blueish Slow Work for Broken Consort Score

This piece was written for a competition at St Andrews University to have a piece performed by the new music ensemble there.  And I won! so this was performed in public in the Younger Hall.  Which was great to part of.

Flute         Clarinet in Bb         Bassoon         Piano         Violin 1         Violin 2         Viola      Violoncello       Double Bass

Introduction and Fugue 8 Score 

This was also written for the St Andrews new music ensemble but because I misread the information, not sent off in time.  Based on a piano fugue written at the same time Fugue 8, hence the title.

Flute      Oboe      Clarinet in Bb         Bassoon      2 Horns in F
Violin 1      Violin 2         Viola         Violoncello         Double Bass

Maltese Rap Piece for Marcus score 

Maltese Rap Piece for Marcus.  A bit of fun to see if I could come up with a backing track for a Rapper.

Trumpet in Bb         Timpani         Guitar         Bass Guitar         Voice

Op 19 exercise in the golden section score 

Op 19 exercise in the golden section.  A Kingston Upon Thames Piece, checking out the golden section.  The scoring is down to instruments available in the class.

Clarinet in Bb         Viola         Violoncello         Double Bass

Techno Piece for school orchestra score 

Techno Piece for school orchestra, written for Monifieth High School Orchestra.  The name gives it away.  Should be fun, but was never performed.

Flute      Clarinet in Bb         Tenor Saxophone           Bassoon
Trumpet in Bb         Tenor Horn         Trombone          Tuba 
Drum Set         Snare Drum 1         Snare Drum 2         Piano
Violin 1         Violin 2         Viola         Violoncello  

Wedding Waltz for Joyce and Kenny with orchestra score 

Wedding Waltz for Joyce and Kenny with Orchestra.  This was written for friends Joyce and Kenny who got married and this was there wedding dance piece.  I asked Kenny what instrument he liked most and it was the trumpet.  So I wrote a Piano and trumpet piece first.  As the couple were older and definitely very Scottish I thought it was appropriate as a dance to have a Scottish Waltz.  They seemed to like the piece which was great.

Flute         Oboe         Clarinet in Bb         Bassoon
Horn in F         Trumpet in Bb
Timpani         Triangle         Harp         Piano 
Violin 1         Violin 2         Viola         Violoncello         Double Bass

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

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