Small Piece 41 to 60

Small Pieces 41 to 60

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Small Piece 41

Contemplative almost pop song piece.

Small Piece 42 

A piece that should be played more to appreciate it.  Using spread chord effects.  And silence.

Small Piece 43 

On a Pattern of chromatic chords, a chromatic tune.

Small Piece 44 

A prelude on the trill. followed by calm chords.

Small Piece 45 

Falling and rising chords lead to calmer chords.

Small Piece 46 for piano 

An exploration of the original choral like melody.

Small Piece 47 

A mix of a couple of tunes that build throughout.

Small Piece 48 nightmare of a drunk morrisman 

This piece starts off with a little made up piece like a morris dance that gradually gets distorted.  It is technically hard especially in the nightmare bits.

Small Piece 49 

sub title Fruguel is a sort of Fugue, in G minor.

Small Piece 50 Take 5 plus 5 

A tune and bass at the beginning in B major.

Small Piece 51 dedicated to Peter Jukes 

This piece is a reaction to the sad death of Peter Jukes the chef.  Who owned and ran the Cellar Restaurant in Anstruther.

Small Piece 52 

This tune is one of the ones that I woke up hearing and it would not leave me alone. It is a strong tune.

Small Piece 53 Schubertesk 

I was playing a lot of Schubert and decided to try and write some, elements of his style.  Please play, much better than this mp3.

Small Piece 54 

Just a little study this time.

Small Piece 55 A waltz for parents evening 

I spend all day in schools, and the last thing that I want to do is go into one in the evening for a parents meeting.  Here is a little waltz that I wrote while waiting for our turn in the local primary school.

Small Piece 56 

A piece about rising scales, and modern baroque style.

Small Piece 57 Song without words 

Written and performed for and by the Monifieth String Group, at Monifieth Academy.  Here is the piano version, to which I added strings for the performance and used the piano as colour.

Small Piece 58 Frustration 

Just some of my frustrations coming out, pounding to work every day.  I am sure everyone knows this.

Small Piece 59 Roundish 

Built on a little left hand phrase that develops throughout.

Small Piece 60 Scottish 

A little Scottish ballad for the left hand.

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