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A Jig in the Ship for brass Quartet Score

This is a basic arrangement with no dynamics or other markings of the Piano piece.  I would be happy to update this and add marking etc.  As it is it should be a bit of fun to play.    

 Trumpet    Horn in F   Trombone    Tuba 

Christmas song brass version Score 

There is a Song written for a Primary School Christmas Service, in 2011.  Obviously a Brass version, though originally it was played with brass, strings and winds as well.  It is differentiated for beginners to Grade 2.

Horn in F   Horn in Eflat   Trumpet in Bflat   Trombone

Duet 1 for Trumpet and Tuba Score

This is just a simple duet.  

Duet 2 for Trumpet and Horn Score

Same theme different version.

Fanfare for William and Kate Score

Just a small celebratory fanfare for four trumpets.  

Quiet Piece for Horn Duet Score

This should be fun, but a bit tricky.

Horn 1       Horn 2

Quiet Piece for Horn, Trombone and Tuba Score

Same as the other quiet Piece but for other combinations.

Horn        Trombone       Tuba

Quiet Piece Duet for Trombone and Trumpet Score

This is the same as before but in a more user friendly key of B flat.   

Quiet Piece Duet for 2 Trumpets Score

This is the same duet but again in the Key of B Flat, the Score is already transposed,

Ska Piece for brass quintet Score

an arrangement of a piece originally written for a school string group.  I have changed the key and the articulation.  Any problems please email me.

Trumpet 1 in B flat        Trumpet 2 in B flat        Horn in F       Trombone        Tuba

Slow air at the Masonic for Brass Quartet Score

this gentle piece was written in the Masonic pub, hence the title and is dedicated to the memory of Gavin, a friend and the late publican.

Trumpet in Bflat       Horn in F       Trombone       Tuba

Small Canon 20 for Brass quintet

Originally written as part of the small canon series for strings and pupils, but works wonderfully for Brass.  I have put up a you tube video as well.

Trumpet (B Flat) 1        Trumpet (B Flat) 2        French Horn        Trombone        Tuba

Small Piece 2 for Brass Score

Small Piece 2 is a piano piece that I have transcribed for Brass Group, as it is small I have left it in transposed score rather than parts.

Small Piece for 3 Trumpets and Horns Score

this piece written a while ago is an exercise in scale patterns.  It was done as a small tribute to Arvo Paart, though he obviously does it better. The Score is non transposed:

Horn 1        Horn 2        Horn 3     

Trumpet 1        Trumpet 2        Trumpet 3

Small Piece 4 for Brass Score

this is a transcription for brass quintet of Small Piece 4 for Piano, but if you wish it for any other combination of instruments please let me know.  The Score is a Transposed score, but here are the parts as well:

Trumpet 1          Trumpet 2          Horn in F        Trombone         Tuba

Small Piece 46 for Brass Score

this is a transcription for brass group of the piano piece of the same name, although I have also augmented and extended the piece.  I can arrange this for other instruments and would be happy to do so.  The Score is a transposed score.

Cornet 1         Cornet 2        Alto horn in E flat        

Tenor Trombone       Euphonium        Tuba

Spring Ground for Brass group Score

This piece was originally written for piano.  I arranged it for the Carnoustie Brass Band run by a friend of mine, Mike Robertson.  The Score is non transposed and is for full Brass Group with percussion.

Soprano Cornet         Cornet 2       Tenor Horn 1         Tenor Horn 2         Baritone  Horn        Euphonium         Tuba    

Timpani         Side Drum         Gong         Cymbals with sticks

Tuba Sonata

I wrote this for a particularly talented Tuba player from Carnoustie.  Part of a Brass playing family and under the tutelage of Mike Robertson.  He has since gone on to be acclaimed in professional orchestras and groups around the world.

First Movement Piano Score               Tuba Part

This movement explores the tubas beautiful held notes.

Second Movement Piano Score         Tuba Part

This movement is a kind of round rolling along with parts being swapped.  It is only fleshed out if you want a copy complete with breath and dynamics please let me know.

Third Movement Piano Score            Tuba Part

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

Mixed Ensemble
Tuned Percussion
Wind Instruments
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