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Overture for strings wind version, this is a Baroque style piece and sounds great with wind. Quiet Piece for various wind duets, I have put all of the various duets into one score so please just down load the ones that you need. Seagulls Flute Duet, an original duet.   Small Canon 17 For Wind Quartet    Parts    flute    oboe    clarinet   bassoon   Small Canon 17b for wind quartet   flute   oboe   clarinet     bassoon   Small Canon 18 for Wind Trio   Small Piece 10 for Flute, violin and viola.  An arrangement of the piano small piece 10. 4 solo flute pieces Twelve Tone Jig with Variations for Wind.  I wondered whether I would be able to write a viable jig using the 12 tone method.  I liked the result and wrote a set of variations around the result. Wind Quartet in 3 Movements.  This was written for a Friend who is an Oboist.  Hence the start on the Oboe and the general lean towards the instrument.  I am really pleased with this piece.
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