Piano Pieces S to W

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Scottish Air (Brrr)

A little piece of Scottish folk mucked about with.  The computer version is awful sorry.

Scottish Nursery piece for piano 

Originally written for guitar, but is next to impossible.  Here is a piano version.  It is variations in a pentatonic style on a well known annoying tune that all children seem to be able to play.

Scottish Piece for Andy 

Written for my friend Andy sherrif in the Masonic pub.  It is a drinking tale.  It is in the form of a Scottish Waltz, with a harp section in the centre.

Simple Peer Gynt Variations 

Just a wee doodle on the sunrise theme by Grieg.

Small Pieces

There are over 90 Small Pieces so I have had to split them into further pages put below:

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Spiral Blues 

A theme that got me wondering what a spiral would sound like in music.  Hopefully this comes across on the score.  It is a sort of 12 bar blues variations.

Spring Ground 

This is the original of the brass arrangement.  A ground in 7 4 in a quiet but triumphant mood.

Spring Waltz 

A wild and chromatic Waltz that springs in all directions.

Still Piece 2 for Piano

A repeating post minimilist piece.  Sounds much better played live though, as do all of these pieces.

Still Piece 3 for Piano 

Like the beating of the heart this piece.  I have also done versions for the guitar and Harp.

Summer Waltz 2007 

A simple waltz for summer.

Suspended sleep 

A quiet reflective piece.

Techno Piece for school Piano 

The piano original that came out of the techno piece for orchestra.

Thread number 1 

An idea for a series of pieces on simple ideas.  That I might continue in the future.  Quit modern.

Tooting 1990

A pattern arch piece that I wrote in Tooting as it says, that again is about using not much material and seeing what I could do with it.


A strong shouldered piece.  In the trio form.

Twinkle etc 

Variations exploring different harmonies of twinkle including canonic thought.

Twinkling Variations Piano 

These are the piano starters for the Twinkling variations for strings, which I wrote as a means of teaching the string concepts in standard grade music and some fun for the string group.

Variations for July 2011 

A huge set of variations on one of my tunes.  I was playing a lot of the Mozart variations on the piano at this point.

Variations on Small Piece 7 

This is a set of variations on (as you can see) Small Piece 7, available on a previous page.  It is quite challenging.  I am happy with this piece, this audio off the computer does not do it justice and is only a very rough guide.

Weekend Dance

This piece is a reflection of the renaissance which I play a lot of.  Particularly William Byrd.

Piece grouped by instrument group

Here are some of my compositions, sorted out into Instruments and groups of Instruments. Click on any image below to go to the corresponding page.

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