Music Through Time, Volume 1 CD contents.

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The Photographs used on the CD cover and internal pages, also the photo above were taken kindly given permission by Tayfun Sertan Yaman.  check out his photographs, well worth a visit.

Tracks, Click on each line for more detail on the musics origin and the instrument.

1          13th Century Sumer is a comin in.  Sung with Rebec

2          13th Century Helas by Adam de la Halle. Medieval Fyddle

3          13th Century Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene by Anonymous. Psaltery

4          13th Century Estampie, La ultime Estamipie Real. Medieval Fyddle

5          14th Century Dame Se Vous Mastes, By Guilemme de Machaut. Gurdy

6          16th Century Italian piece.  Medieval Fyddle (Plucked)

7          14th Century Angelus ad Virginem, and Polorum Regina. Medieval Fyddle

8          14th Century Guilemme de Machaut, Virelai. Clavichord

9          14th Century Virelai, by Machaut. Bowed Psaltery

10        16th Century, Branles, Which ones?  3 holed pipe and drum

11        16th Century Pastime with good company. Crumhorn and sung

12        16th Century Earl of Salisbury’s Pavanne and Galliarda, William Byrde. Spinnet

13        16th Century, Sellengers round, Half Hannikin, and Hooligans Jig 1780’s Violin

14        16th Century, Watkins Ale, by Annonymous Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Clavichord

15         17th Century, Passacaglia tune, 1780’s Violin

16         1590, Martin said to his man, Sung, Cittern and Rackett

17         16th Century Branles? Jigs? on the Rebec.

18         17th Century, Ground by Orlando Gibbons, Virginal

19         Old French folk tune.  Hurdy Gurdy

20        1630 Scottish Folk Song from a book in the Dalhousie Estate. Cittern

21        17th Century Scottish Almayne, Anonymous. From the collection of Scottish Rennaissance keyboard music by Keneth Elliot.

22        17th Century Jhonstouns delyt, by Edward Johnston, set by Duncan Burnett. Possible the last Renaissance keyboard teacher and composer in Scotland. The book was in the Panmuir Collection Dundee. From the collection of Scottish Rennaissance keyboard music by Keneth Elliot.


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