Sumer Is Icumen In

Sumer is a comin in (Sumer Is Icumen In) is a song in old Wessex (eth instead of ing as in raineth rather than raining) plus other odd spelling. Middle English                                      Modern English Svmer is icumen in                               Summer is a coming in Lhude sing cuccu                                  Loudly sing Cockoo Groweþ sed                                          Growing seed and bloweþ med                                   and blowing meed (meadow) and springþ þe wde nu                         and springing the wood anew Sing cuccu                                            Sing cuckoo Awe bleteþ after lomb                           Ewe Bleating after lamb lhouþ after calue cu                              Lowing after Calf, cow Bulluc sterteþ                                        Bullock starting bucke uerteþ                                         Buck (Farting) murie sing cuccu                                   Merrily sing cuckoo Cuccu cuccu                                         Cuckoo Cuckoo Wel singes þu cuccu                             Well sing the Cuckoo ne swik þu nauer nu                              stop the never now Chorus words for round or other part singing Sing cuccu nu • Sing cuccu.                  Sing cuckoo now, Sing cuckoo Sing cuccu • Sing cuccu nu                   Sing cuckoo, Sing cuckoo now My singing is not mean’t to be perfect though I do try and colour the words with a little of middle English. For more information on the song here is the Wikipedia page Or contact me on my email.
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