Small Piece 21 to 30

Small Piece 21 A falling 3 4 tune in a rondo form.


Small Piece 22 for Piano I was really happy with this piece, it is a post minimalist ground in C sharp major.  Perhaps more like a passacaglia.


Small Piece 23 for Piano An experiment in odd length bars with 3 4 and 4 4 mixed and mixed cross rhythms.  Which is quite pleasing.


Small Piece 24 for Piano A helter skelter piece which is also in a string quartet version.  I was going Mendelson’s rushing string style.


Small Piece 26 trio A simple piece but with a good tune at the end.  To the small Piece’s traditions.


Small Piece 27 a pattern piece on chords over scale passages.


Small Piece 28 A little lumpy tune, like a drunk pianist.  This goes through some different treatments.  It is also used in my Violin Sonata.

You Tube video

Small Piece 29 A very short piece with a simple chordal idea.


Small Piece 30 March 2010 A substantial piece that starts with a long minor tune that gradually gets incorporated and imitated.