Here are a few pieces that I have attempted to arrange for recorder.  I know there will be mistakes please bare with me.

A jig in the ship This pieces started life as a piano piece and have ended up in a variety of arrangements.

Ecky Beck’s Jig for recorder quartet Bach-ish  This started as a small 30 second jig, which I expanded for wind quartet.

Found recorder fragment   Three pieces that are exploring the idea of a found fragments of music added together.

Happy Pieces These are arrangements of pieces for other ensembles.  Written when in a deep depression.

Medieval Tune Arrangement a fairly easy arrangement of a well known early tune.

Montrose Canon for recorders A piece originally for strings but I think it is quit interesting with recorders.  3 Tenors and bass.

An arrangement of a pavana from the Fitzwilliam virginal book.

Scottish Nursery piece for recorder group a piece composed for guitar originally, but here arranged for recorders.  It is based on a kids tune that every child learns at some point.