Small Piece 41 to 50

Small Piece 41 Contemplative almost pop song piece.


Small Piece 42 A piece that should be played more to appreciate it.  Using spread chord effects.  And silence.


Small Piece 43 On a Pattern of chromatic chords, a chromatic tune.


Small Piece 44 A prelude on the trill.  followed by calm chords.


Small Piece 45 Falling and rising chords lead to calmer chords.


Small Piece 46 for piano An exploration of the original choral like melody.


Small Piece 47 A mix of a couple of tunes that build throughout.


Small Piece 48 nightmare of a drunk morrisman This piece starts off with a little made up piece like a morris dance that gradually gets distorted.  It is technically hard especially in the nightmare bits.


Small Piece 49 sub title Fruguel is a sort of Fugue, in G minor.


Small Piece 50 Take 5 plus 5 A tune and bass at the beginning in B major.