Christmas Suite

Christmas Suite, these where written over a few years.  It started with God rest you merry, I wanted to do variations which would be fun for to play to my pupils and eventually for them to learn.  I also turned it into a game by mixing the names up and playing the pieces at the pub and other events and asking people from a list of names to put them in order.

Bethlehams Little Town is one from 2014 Christmas and is my latest piece. Bethlehems Little Town


God rest you merry just flowed out the variation would not leave my head.  I like the bass line.  I also did these for School string group.  Which will be in the string section.  God rest you merry for Piano


Good King W, This is a 12 bar blues version ish.   Unfortunately this is does not sound much good from the computer. There is also a string version of this piece.  Good King W for Piano


Hark the Ragged Singing.  Is a ragtime version of Hark the Herald.  I was pleased with this one.  Hark The Ragged Singing


Jinglet, Jingle bells with a rocking left hand.   Jinglet for Piano


Mangers Away, a chromatic harmonic version.  Mangers Away


Take Ding, Ding dong after take 5. Take Ding


The Royal Once Over, a minimalist rhythmic version.  The Royal Once Over


Watch Shepherds While, a chilled out version.  Watch Shepherds While


We Threee, Three Kings in a jazzy style.  We Threee for Piano