29th December 2016

Hi folks,  it has been pointed out that a blog may help me connect with other like minded people.  So here goes.

I have been working on my latest piece after playing the piano this afternoon, a selection of Grief (Froydian slip) Grieg and Haydn. The new piece is called “Theme and Variations on SP7” which in turn stands for “Small Piece 7”.

I really like this tune and it has appeared in a number of guises not least another Small Piece 11.  Here is the original version.

The inspiration for the variations are, I am afraid, rather normal.  I have been reading a book about the Goldberf Variations by J S Bach.  Which I play regularly through the year as part of my piano practise.  For a composer as well as a performer it is so fascinating that it makes me want to see whether I can do this as well?  So far I have written 5 variations, including one that has a canon in 5ths which is not too bad to write.

Also today I met with an artist friend on a musical sculpture powered by the wind.  This is just at the beginning phase so will be a while before any thing will appear.

Tomorrow I will continue with an instrument project to revamp a 100 year old banjo and need to see another friend with the main body as it needs to be trued up before a skin can be added.

I will let you know with pictures how this turns out.


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