A fine Day 5th July 2019

On Monday the 5th I had an appointment with Rosslyn Chapel.  I was due to play, as I had been for the Summer, for the general visitors to the Chapel.  My car had been losing water gradually from the Expansion tank of the radiator, so I topped it up before setting off for the hour and forty minute journey.

Going through Lundin Links, a warning light came on which indicated that the level was low in the Expansion tank.  So I pulled over and topped up again.  Total journey time so far 20 minutes.  One mile later it warned me again.  So I turned round and headed back to Lundin Links.  After filling up again, this time with water from a local shop.  I went into a shop by the car and as I do not have a modern smart phone, asked if the Lady there could look up the number of Rosslyn Chapel, which she kindly did.  After phoning them the Lady asked what the trouble was, and I explained.

She then did something very fine.  She offered me (a man she did not know, wearing sandles shorts and a T shirt) her car for the day.  Which humbly I accepted.

I went through (a little late but not by much) and did my day with Rosslyn, who after hearing the story gave me two free passes for the Chapel as a thankyou.

On the way back I filled her car with fuel and bought a bottle of Prosseco (every one loves Prosseco, apparently) but it turned out that not everyone did as she did not drink.  So I gave her a CD.  She is an example to us all.

The car is now fixed, it had a leaking water pump.

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